Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Love is in the air? Wrong. Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide are in the air.

RULE 30 There are no girls on the internet

When your sister's winning the argument.. ''We have to figure out how to destroy my sister."

Parents at Cookouts be like: You betta eat while we here cuz i ain't cookin when we got home

I bet he loves his parents MAJOR DICKHEAD

You mean to tell me you talk to the dog in the same voice?

Doggie Did it, He went that way

Hatian parents be like... I don't care if there's a hurricane, you still going to school Robenson!

GENETICS Don't always work out for the best

You failed as parents When one sone thinks he's black and the other thinks he's a girl

Paid for Sex? My friend asked me the other day if I've ever paid for sex. I reminded her that I have children... So yes, I've dearly paid for it.

When a sibling tells on you in front of your parents

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Eskiho = A girl wearing a short and skirt and ugg boots. A weather confused whore.

Man & Woman Radish

Stupidity is not a crime. So you're free to go.

Follow your heart but take your brain with you.

My brain: 5% names, 3% phone numbers, 2% stuff I should know for school, 90% lyrics

2 pieces of advice Never laugh at your wife's choices; you are one of them. Never be proud of your choices; your wife is one of them.

It;s a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard.

You can't face the problem, if the problem is your FACE.

Sometimes I pretend to benormal. But it gets boring. So I go back to being ME.

Huge inspirational quote on a landscape.

Ween you really want to slap someone, do it and say "Mosquito!!"

Thursday, October 8, 2015

These unusual degree courses are 100% genuine

Do I get a partial credit for simply having the courage to get out of bed and face the world again today?

Hamburger University. Where everyone wants to study!

Why was the guitar teacher arrested? For fingering "A" Minor

Why Science teachers should not be given playground duty.

Let's eat grandma! Let's eat, grandma! Punctuation saves lives!

When comforting a grammar teacher, I always say softly, "There, Their, They're"

Reading is cool. There aren't any icons to click. It's a chalk board.

Teacher at the beginning of the school year VS. Teacher at the end of the school year

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Then I told Mom & Dad I'm Sorry and I'll never do it again Lol

Sa isang job interview... Good Morning Sir! Okay! Ano ba alam mo? Alam ko kung saan nakatira asawa mo at alam ko rin saan nakatira ang kabit mo! Tanggap kana hayop ka!

When the teacher send you to take something to another room.... I'm going on an adventure!

If a woman speaks and no one is listening her name is probably Mom.

Alphabet taught to kids nowadays

I'm still waiting for the day that I will actually use this in real life.

Google + Wikipedia + Ctrl+C + Ctrl+V = Homework Done!

Week at School

Facebook's timeline is my favorite way to watch girls from high school get fat.

Why are there rings on Saturn?

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