Friday, January 31, 2014


So I was traveling Europe and was taking an overnight train. I ha booked a sleep cabin all to myself. I spent the evening having drinks in the dining car before returning to my cabin. When i opened the door, there was a woman lying-down in the lower bunk.

I immediately said, "Excuse me. I must have the wrong cabin!" but after checking my key, the woman checking hers, it seems there had been a mistake.

She said, "I don't mind sharing a room if you don't, We were around the same age and she was attractive, so I of course didn't mind.

However, it got rather cold that night. Around 2:00 I asked if the woman was still awake, and she was, I politely asked if she would hand me an extra blanket from below.

The woman said, in a seductive voice, "I have a better idea. How about instead we pretend that we are husband and wife for the night and you come down here from your bunk...

And get your OWN DAMN BLANKET!"

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