Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Perfect Wingman

So i‘m sitting in an airport restaurant waiting for my flight
back to Charlottesville when an interesting scene unfolds in
front of me. A pretty girl is sitting by herself when a foreign
guy comes up and introduces himself. Apparentiy he's from
Uruguay and this is his first time in the U.S. After
exchanging names he starts trying to enact that Barney
pick—up technique from How I Met Your Mother where he
pretends like he's someone famous from a foreign country
and can't believe she doesn't know him. The girl is clearly
not biting and the guy is starting to flounder. l feel bad for
him so l walk up and interrupt the conversation acting all
star struck and asking for his autograph. He seems pretty
surprised and then sheepishly signs my napkin. At this
point the girl is noticeably more interested. l walk away
pretending to call a friend to brag about the autograph.
Last 1 checked he was surrounded by 3 girls. Welcome to
America, my friend.

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